White Paper – FDA Compliant T-line Filters



March 1, 2017

White Paper                                                                                                                         FDA Compliant  Compressed Air Filters by Beach

To meet a flavor industry end-user customer’s request, Beach Filters was approached by one of its East coast distributors to provide an FDA compliant point-of-use compressed air filter.

Beach’s T-line filters were recommended by the distributor due to their 3 stage filtration,        0.3 micron particulate filtration and removal of water and hydrocarbon vapor from the gas stream. The clear view bowl and low cost desiccant elements were cited as key benefits for using the T-Line filters.

After research and contact with the FDA, Beach recognized the components of the three T-line filter models were compliant. However, to meet industry standards, the stock Buna rubber gaskets and seals were replaced with FDA-compliant versions.

When reviewing the assembly procedure, we found an upgrade from our regular silicone lubricant to an FDA compliant compound. Next a new parts cleaning procedure was implemented to remove any possible hydrocarbon residue left on our cast aluminum and machined parts.

With no fundamental changes in the filter housing or elements, the specifications remain unchanged. A slightly higher price was set to pay for the new gasket set and extra processing steps.

These FDA compliant T-line filters, F-T20CF, F-T40CF, and F-T60CF are now available by contacting Beach Filters or any of its distributors.



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