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Beach Filters provides industry with solutions for keeping industrial compressed air, lubricants and storage spaces clean and dry. We offer top quality products and 24 hour service through global distributors to all manufacturing segments, but especially aerospace.

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About Beach Filter Products, Inc.

Beach Filter Products, Inc. was founded by Willard C. Beach prior to 1948. Originally named “BEACH PRECISION about us photoPARTS “, the company began by producing air brushes (paint spray guns) and self-locking nuts, which were designed for use in the automotive and aircraft industries and related businesses. Dirty, wet compressed air adversely affected the performance and quality of the end products, so in order to improve the performance of his air brushes Mr. Beach decided to market the first 100% desiccant filters. Today, we at Beach Filters are committed to continuing Mr. Beach’s tradition of excellence in point-of-use compressed air filtration.

What We Do

Today with over 65 years of service and quality, Beach Filter Products, Inc offers a full line of compressed air filters, hygroscopic reservoir/tank breather filters, oil filter carts and moisture control products, through 100 distributors and over 500 sales people.

Mission Statement:
Beach Filters provides industry with solutions for keeping industrial compressed air, lubricants and storage spaces clean and dry. We offer top quality products and 24 hour service through global distributors to all manufacturing segments, but especially aerospace.


For years, industry has wrestled with the dilemma of how best to decontaminate wet, dirty compressed air. From water droplets and vapor to rust and pipe scale, carbon particles to oil vapors and fumes, Beach has the best solutions to clear the contaminants out of air systems.

With Beach filters, industrial compressed air and gases are filtered at the point-of-use. Beach desiccant compressed air filters are offered in a full range of flow rates from 5 – 1200 scfm at either 150 or 250 psig pressure rating. In-line units are available in clean or all aluminum housings. “T-line” units have clearview bowls with coalescing scrubber and desiccant elements in engineered plastic housings. Clay, silica gel, and activated carbon desiccants in patented Cylform® replacement elements filter water, oil and particles down to 0.3 microns; auto-drains available.

The benefits include:

  • Elimination of production down time
  • Extension of the service life of mechanical components (tools and controls)
  • Reduction in the cost of substandard products
  • Improved product purity in the electronics, medical and food industries
  • Optimum product safety and quality


Beach breather filters remove moisture and particulate contamination in the headspace of lubricant reservoirs and proactively prevent expensive lubricant contamination problems such as product waste, machine downtime and reconditioning.

The benefits include:

  • Eliminate water-contaminated oil which prevents additive stripping
  • Eliminate rust-forming condensation
  • Eliminate sludge deposits
  • Longer oil and filter life
  • Prolong machine operating life

The Beach hygroscopic breather filter line includes Disposable Breather filters from 1 to 20 scfm, Rebuildable Steel breathers from 85 to 270 scfm and Aquaguard® diaphragm breathers for pump and gear-boxes at 1.41 and 2.5 scfm.


Over 75% of all component failures are due to hydraulic oil and lube contamination. Industry spends millions of dollars annually treating the negative effects of contamination of hydraulic fluids and lubes in equipment reservoirs, storage and process tanks.

FluidGuard® Filter Carts
Beach FluidGuard® Filter Carts are used to perform off-line filtration, oil transfer, topping off reservoirs or pulling a clean sample. They offer the best balance of value, quality, and performance. Most importantly they are completely customizable and easy to order. A complete range of pumps, filters, connections, and even colors are available through our on-line customizer. Just make sure your selections and the price is calculated. FluidGuard® Filter Carts normally ships within two weeks.


  • Dual Stage Filtration
  • Filter bypass
  • Heavy Duty cart with catch pan
  • 12 Foot long hose assemblies
  • Various hose end connections
  • Pneumatic wheels
  • Industrial powder coated finish
  • Customizable colors


  • Ensures optimal fluid cleanliness
  • Allows easy transfer of clean oil
  • Promotes safety & environmental cleanliness
  • Allows greater flexibility of use
  • Allows adaptation to your specific applications
  • Makes mobile filtration easier
  • Provides durability
  • Easy differentiation between dedicated carts

In addition to carts, customizable lightweight, portable Drum Topper and permanently mount Panel Units are available. A full range of adapter kits are available with quick disconnect fittings, breather filters and other customizable features.

Moisture Control Pouches

Over 20 years ago, Beach developed and began producing Sta-Dri® clay desiccant moisture control pouches for use in storage and shipping. Recently we added Container Dri® II moisture control pouches from Clariant to our offering to meet the needs of light-weight, single use products especially for overseas container shipping.

Sta-Dri® pouches are the best insurance against moisture damage to your products. Each pouch is made from spun-bonded polyester outer shell and contains 100% natural diatomaceous clay desiccant to adsorb moisture from the air. Sta-Dri® pouches come in 1, 2 and 4 pound sizes and are ideal for use in shipping cartons or storage spaces to keep your valuables safe from the ravages of rust, mold, and mildew. Beach Sta-Dri® pouches can be regenerated up to 3 times in a normal oven at 250 degrees F for 6 to 12 hours.

Controlled studies by the U.S. Military have shown that corrosion and growth of mildew are greatly reduced if the relative humidity is kept below 30% at 70° F(25° C). In controlled conditions, tests show for over 15 years, Sta-Dri® has protected valuable overseas cargo shipments for the transportation industry.

Features and benefits:

  • Are completely safe; all materials are inert
  • Are nontoxic, nonflammable, odorless, and non-corrosive
  • Ideal for use with expensive antiques, autos and firearms
  • Remain unchanged in size, shape or texture
  • Can be regenerated 3 times in a conventional oven

Container Dri II®:
Container Dri® II, a desiccant pouch for moisture control, joins our line as a perfect complement to our Sta-Dri® clay desiccant pouch. Originally designed for over-the-water shipping, these 125 gram adhesive-backed, single-use pouches can be used individually or in strips of 6 to control humidity during over-land shipments in refrigerated or non-refrigerated containers as well as in storage situations. Using calcium chloride and starch to adsorb moisture, one envelope is effective in a 50-ft3 area and its thick no-spill gel formula makes it safe and non-toxic.

Features and benefits:

  • Light weight 125 gram pouches adsorbs 3 times its weight in moisture
  • Protects shipments in all temperature and humidity ranges
  • Adhesive backed singles


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