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What is your operating pressure? What is your operating flow rate (scfm) between? What is your inlet/outlet nominal pipe size?

Compressed Air Filters

The presence of oil/oil vapors and water at the point-of-use is ordinarily evidenced by the liquid in the bowl or trap having a milky appearance which is an emulsion of oil and water. These contaminants are damaging to such sensitive equipment as instruments, pneumatic controls and hundreds of other industrial plant processes.

The following are typical point-of-use applications for Beach Filters:

  • Instrument Air
  • Pneumatic Controls
  • Robotics
  • Process Air
  • Cleaning Parts & Drying
  • Air Operated Assembly
  • Injections Molding
  • Filtering Gases
  • Mixing and Blending
  • Aeration & Agitating of Liquids
  • Testing
  • Operating Clamps & Chucks
  • Cooling of Electronic Equipment
  • Sandblasting
  • Squeeze Rolls
  • Oxygen Analyzers
  • Spray Painting & Finishes
  • Bottle & Container Cleaning
  • Pneumatic Extruders
  • Air for Packing & Weighing
  • Conveying Materials
  • Air Jet Cleaning
  • Sorting Equipment
  • Separating Pills

Beach has been manufacturing compressed air filters for these and thousands of other uses for over 65 years. Point-of-use filters by Beach range from <5 to 1200scfm at 150 to 250 psi in a variety of plastics, metals and desiccants to meet the most exacting needs.

    Specialty Filters

    Specialty Filters

    • 5 - 15scfm
    • Ideal for instrument air and pneumatic controls
    • Constructed of 100% polyurethane
    • Disposable or replaceable elements
    • Low flow applications
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    T-Line Filters

    T-Line Filters

    • Triple action filtration
    • Aluminum or Acetal head, polyurethane bowl
    • Rapid servicing
    • Cleanable coalescing scrubber
    • 20 - 60 scfm
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    In-Line Filters

    In-Line Filters

    • Single action filtration
    • Constructed of aluminum, acrylic or aluminum w/heat-treated glass
    • Replaceable elements
    • Sight glass for visible inspection of desiccant filters
    • 20 to 1200 scfm
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    • For over ten years, these filters have been proven performers in the welding industry with robotic and hand-held plasma cutting machines.
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    Filter Elements

    Filter Elements

    • Beach Filters offers a variety of desiccants to meet most every application.
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