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Moisture Packs

Sta-Dri® and Container Dri®II are moisture packs (desiccants) that absorb moisture from the air, preventing rust, mildew and corrosion during storage and shipping. Sta-Dri® is an inert clay desiccant pack, that are ideal for corrosion sensitive uses and longer duration applications with its slower moisture pick-up. They can also be regenerated up to 3 times. Container Dri®II, is a specially designed, single-use, adhesive backed desiccant pouch aimed at protecting cargo during shipping by absorbing moisture vapor from the air. Both are ideal as commercial desiccant and industrial desiccant, but are not limited to. If you're looking for the best moisture packs or desiccant packs on the market, Sta-Dri® and Container Dri®II will get the job done efficiently and effectively.


    • 4oz, 8oz,1lb, 2lb, 4lb lb. pouches
    • 2 lb. pouch for 30 SQFT
    • Grommeted Polyester fabric pouch
    • Slower pick-up
    • Maintain RH
    • Regenerate 3 times
    • Pouch stiffens, gets heavy
    • Corrosion sensitive
    • Inert clay desiccant
    Product Details
    Container Dri® II

    Container Dri® II

    • Single or 6 unit strips
    • 125 g envelope for 25 SQFT
    • Faster pick-up
    • Manage RH spikes
    • Disposable
    • Granules turns to gel
    • Larger areas, container shipments
    • Calcium chloride desiccant
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