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Sta-Dri® keeps moisture, mildew and corrosion away!
Sta-Dri® pouches have proven its superior drying ability by exceeding the Method II packaging performance standards described in Military Specifications Mil-P-116F, where the pouch is held below 40% relative humidity for 18 months to 2 years.
Sta-Dri® consists of clay desiccant in granular form in a 100% spun-bonded polyester pouch. Sta-Dri® can be placed in shipping cartons or storage spaces to absorb moisture from the surrounding air. + MORE INFORMATION

  • Corrosion-sensitive applications
  • Non-toxic, non-corrosive, totally inert
  • Active ingredient remains dry to the touch, even when saturated
  • Ideal for long-term, moisture pick-up is slow and consistent
  • Controls moisture in both storage and shipping environments below 40% relative humidity
  • Available in 1, 2 and 4 pound pouches
  • Effective in areas up to 15 cubic feet per poiund of Sta-Dri®
  • Pouch stiffens and increases 30% in total weight when saturated
  • Reusable up to 3 times
Place Sta-Dri® pouches high in storage or shipping space as moisture rises.

Weight16 oz.32 oz.64 oz.4 oz.8 oz.
Dimensions9" x 6"12" x 6"18" x 6"7" x 6"7" x 6"
Effective Area13.3 cubic ft.26.6 cubic ft.53.1 cubic ft.3.33 cubic ft6.67 cubic ft
Weight8 oz.
Dimensions7" x 6"
Effective Area6.67 cubic ft
Weight64 oz.
Dimensions18" x 6"
Effective Area53.1 cubic ft.
Weight4 oz.
Dimensions7" x 6"
Effective Area3.33 cubic ft
Weight32 oz.
Dimensions12" x 6"
Effective Area26.6 cubic ft.
Weight16 oz.
Dimensions9" x 6"
Effective Area13.3 cubic ft.