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Plastics Molder Reports Substantial Cost Savings (Injection Molding)


Plastics Molder Reports Substantial Cost Savings (Injection Molding)

Customatic, Inc. is a precision engineered plastic moldings manufacturer located in Worcester Massachusetts.  The custom injection molder produces molds for many diverse industries including parts of airline seats, molding for water filtration, point of purchase displays, parts for the smoke detector business and the electronics industry.

Since all their orders are custom, stops and starts on the production line due to moisture problems mean valuable production time is taken from the bottom line.

A recent example demonstrates the challenge.  “We were molding two jobs that required “air blast” in order for the parts to fall off the core pins,” said Junior Viens, sales manager for Customatic.

“The air blasts were hooked up and worked fine for 24 hours until we had to stop the machines to clean the molds due to a buildup of rust, caused by moisture in our air lines,” he explained.

Viens called Beach Filters for help and installed a Beach F-T60C filter to solve the moisture problem.  “The jobs have been running for three weeks straight without having to stop production to clean the molds,” Viens said.  “The cost savings have been substantial!  We’ve increased production by not having to stop and restart machines to clean the molds.”

“We have also added life to the mold by not having the moisture pit the steel, which would case a replacement of thousands of dollars!” Viens exclaimed.  “Your product does what it claims to do — provide clean, dry air,” he added.

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