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The Dana Spicer Plant (Precision Equipment)


The Dana Spicer Plant (Precision Equipment)

The Dana Spicer plant in Olive Branch, Mississippi, manufactures Chelsa brand Power Take-offs for the industrial and commercial markets.  Curt Dansby of J.B. Systems in Nashville, helped Maintenance Engineer Keith Curtis solve a problem with their measuring machine.

The plant uses a Sheffield coordinate measuring machine to check tolerances on machined parts.  This unit has an arm that moves on an X & Y axis that measures the machined parts.  Compressed air is used to move the arm.

This arm moves on graphite bearings, which were being exposed to moisture from the house air.  According to Curtis, graphite and water make “mud.”  This created flat spots on the bearings that made the machine inaccurate.  The machine is highly sensitive and is bolted to the floor.  Any time work is done it, it must be moved and re-calibrated after the repairs.  Curtis estimated that it cost between $5,000 and $8,000 to replace the bearings and re-calibrate the machine.

“After this, Keith called me and asked how he could prevent this from happening again,” said Dansby of J.B. Systems.  ” I suggested the Beach F-T20C.  The unit has been in service for three months and Keith is very pleased with its performance and the cost savings the unit is providing,” Dansby said.

Beach Filters is the clear choice in compressed air filtration.

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