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Beach Filters Keep Tugs Chugging (Marine Cargo)


Beach Filters Keep Tugs Chugging (Marine Cargo)


The Reinauer Maritime Group operates a fleet of more than 75 vessels that help transport petroleum in the waters of the East Coast and up into the Great Lakes. They recently sought the help of Marc Viali at Faber Mechanical Products to find a way to alleviate moisture issues in the tugs’ air lines.

With the tug’s compressor unit contained internally in a heated area, moisture build-up in the air lines was a constant problem as compressed air traveled to points of use throughout the tug. Making matters worse was the exposure of these air lines to the harsh outside environmental elements of the East Coast waterways. Affected areas included the vessel’s throttle controls leading from the upper pilot house as well as the towing machine controls.

Viali, a sales application engineer at Faber, recommended installation of six Beach T-Line F-T40C units. These triple action units, which clean the air with mechanical separation, coalesce larger particles, and fine-tune with desiccant filtration, are installed at points of use on the Reinauer tugs. The Beach units have eliminated an issue that has long been a problem throughout the maritime industry.

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