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T-Line Filters Keep Instrument Air Dry (Instrument Air)


T-Line Filters Keep Instrument Air Dry (Instrument Air)

Michael Dionne is a technical sales representative for Peacock Process Equipment in Fort St. John, British Columbia.  He recently needed to solve a problem for a manufacturer who was using natural gas with some produced water as an instrument air source.  The location of the problem was in natural gas metering shacks that were upstream of the main compressor site.  The system utilized nonreplaceable elements, but was not very efficient as there was fluid carry-over in the gauges.

The manufacturer wanted a system that would sufficiently dry their instrument air while allowing for cost-effective element changes, when necessary.  Michael offered Beach T-Line filters as a solution.  They had the ability to dry the instrument air while allowing for rapid, inexpensive element changes.  The T-Line filters are now installed and have been removing liquid from the gas stream, as expected.

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