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$1.5 Million Antique Auto Entrusted to Beach Filters (Automotive)


$1.5 Million Antique Auto Entrusted to Beach Filters (Automotive)


From the smallest pin stripe to the impeccable sheen of the final coat of paint, Al Prueitt & Sons, demand perfection.

The Prueitts have built a national reputation restoring antique automobiles since 1975. They have won over 100 national awards in auto competitions, and as leaders in the antique auto industry, the Prueitts require perfection in the craftsmanship of every car they refurbish.

The Glen Rock, Pennsylvania, business has more than 20 classic cars in various stages of restoration, including a 1948 Chrysler Town & Country convertible and a 1939 Buick Sport convertible, worth over $250,000.

Their pride and joy, however, was the recent restoration of a $1.5 million antique Duesenberg. The detailed restoration features 18 karat gold hardware and imported silk tapestry interior cloth with wood trim.

To accomplish a beautiful flawless finish, they needed dry, clean, compressed air – free of moisture, oil/oil vapor, hydrocarbons, and particulate that could case their smooth finishes to “fisheye.”

The Prueitts depended upon Beach Filter Products’ F-T20C Polyclear II® filter to safeguard the valuable Duesenberg. “We only use Beach Polyclear II filters,” said founding father Al Prueitt, “because with this kind of investment, it’s the only filter we can really trust. In our business, every single detail on each car is very important. We’re glad to have one less detail to worry about,” he said.

Beach filters offer triple cleaning action in a single point-of-use filter. The Polyclear II filter line offers a clear bowl for visual inspection while maintaining superior strength. Mechanical separation and coalescer results in 80% of the coarse filtration. A patented desiccant “Cylform element” removes the oil and water vapors and particulate down to 0.3 microns.

Like the Prueitts, Beach Filters is a family owned business with a proven track record as an industry leader.

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