MoistureBloc™ Compressed Air Filter Blocks Moisture Completely


Glen Rock, PA, January 17, 2005 – Beach Filters announces the launch of MoistureBloc™, a specialty filter designed for the welding and paint industries and any application where moisture-free air is critical. Absolutely no moisture gets through the patented element, which blinds or plugs when saturated.  The MoistureBloc™ Tandem enables quick filter changeover to eliminate downtime.

As the patented filter element becomes contaminated with water, the filter media swells or expands to block moisture from the air stream.  When fully contaminated with moisture, molecular expansion completely blocks the airflow to prevent damage to tools and defects downstream.  “The key benefits of the MoistureBloc™ filter system are to eliminate costly downtime and rework from moisture defects,” said Wes Jones, president. For applications like plasma cutting, arc stability is improved and cost savings in consumables are over 2X versus unfiltered air. MoistureBloc™ filters will flow 25 scfm at a maximum pressure of 125 psig so it will fit most compressed air applications.

The tandem unit, a Beach innovation, has a unique shuttle and exhaust valve arrangement which enables instant filter changeover and element replacement in less than 2 minutes when convenient for the operator. It is sold ready-to-go with a short air hose, 2 replacement elements and is installed before the regulator.  “The tandem unit makes — a simple, effective system for any moisture sensitive application,” said Jones.

MoistureBloc™ filters will be sold through Beach’s existing distributor base and select distributors in the welding industry.  “We are excited to add this unique specialty filter to our point-of-use compressed air and hydraulic breather lines, said Tim Bollinger, general sales manager.  “Preliminary feedback on the filter and field testing of the tandem unit are very encouraging.”

With over 60 years of service and quality, Beach Filter Products, Inc offers a full line of point-of-use desiccant compressed air filters, hygroscopic reservoir/tank breather filters, the MoistureBloc™ moisture-free filter and Sta-Dri® desiccant moisture control products.

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