Beach Filters Launches Improved Rebuildable Steel Breather Filter Line


Glen Rock, PA, December 1, 2008 – Beach Filters announces the new and improved Rebuildable Steel Breather hygroscopic breather filter line for larger tanks and reservoirs. The new RS series offer greater durability and protection for your customers, helping them keep moisture and particulate contamination under control. This Rebuildable Steel line is a total redesign of the Steel Breather CS series. Like the CS series it is also available in stainless steel on a special order basis. A few highlights include:

• More Applications: This line is more rugged than ever, well suited for large applications or challenging environments, and now available in 10 different sizes.

• Easy to Refill: The desiccant bags have integrated handles, making them easy to replace and the wing nut has been replaced by machine screws to improve assembly.

• Improved Air Flow: A new integrated standpipe offers an oil-coalescing function, a newly designed pleated particulate element removes particulates to 1-micron absolute and the inlet air vents are now located on the bottom.

• Easy to Monitor: A new proprietary silica gel filled sight glass allows for better monitoring of the system.

While the obsolete Carbon (CS) steel breather filters are no longer available, refill kits will remain available to service existing units.

The Beach hydraulic breather line continues to be the hottest seller growing over 35% per year over the past 5 years.

Go to for more information on Beach Rebuildable Steel Breather filter line and the full line of desiccant hydraulic breather filters. A new sales brochure is downloadable at and price lists are now available upon request.

With over 60 years of service and quality, Beach Filter Products, Inc offers a full line of point-of-use desiccant compressed air filters, hygroscopic reservoir/tank breather filters, the MoistureBloc™ moisture-free filter and Sta-Dri® desiccant moisture control products.

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