Beach Filters Announces New Extreme Duty Disposable Breather


Glen Rock, PA, January 5, 2010 – Beach Filters announces the new XD-6 Extreme Duty Disposable breather which is designed for harsh environments, especially in construction, mining and marine applications. The new design takes contamination control to a whole new level, standing up to a wide variety of challenging environments.

The XD-6 replaces the DS-6 steel breather with a complete redesign. Improvements include an automotive grade housing which delivers increased vibration resistance and temperature range. A solid standpipe decreases oil misting, the water-blocking filter media prevents free water ingression and the bi-directional “Quad Check Valve System” protects hydraulic oil and extends filter life in harsh environments.

Beach Breather filters eliminate particulates to 3 microns and prevent rust and sludge-forming condensation which reduces wear and tear. Operating costs due to repair, labor and production downtime are greatly reduced with the use of breather filters on your critical equipment.

The Beach hydraulic breather line continues to be a hot seller with consistent growth over the past 8 years. Today’s maintenance departments and equipment engineers appreciate the value of keeping lubricants clean and free of contamination.

Go to for more information on the new XD-6 and the full line of desiccant breather filters. A revised sales brochure is downloadable at

With over 65 years of service and quality, Beach Filter Products, Inc offers a full line of point-of-use desiccant compressed air filters, hygroscopic reservoir/tank breather filters, the MoistureBloc™ moisture-free filter and Sta-Dri® desiccant moisture control products.

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