Beach Filter Products Announces Sta-Dri® Plant Expansion


Glen Rock, PA, 11/13/2007 — To meet a growing market for its Sta-Dri® moisture control pouches, Beach Filters invested in new automated production for the product line. The new plant located in Hanover PA is 12 miles west of its main plant and headquarters. The new facility allows not only lower costs and increased production but also enables larger shipments in over-the-road trucks more easily.  “We finally outgrew our small plant in Glenville and with the new high speed equipment we can more effectively serve our current business for Sta-Dri® pouches and have plenty of room to grow,” says Wes Jones, president.

Sta-Dri® consists of clay desiccant in granular form in a 100% spun-bonded polyester pouch. Sta-Dri® pouches are placed in shipping cartons or storage spaces to absorb moisture from the surrounding air. Sta-Dri® pouches have proven its superior drying ability by exceeding the Method II packaging performance standards described in Military Specifications Mil-P-116F, where the pouch is held below 40% relative humidity for 18 months to 2 years. Sta-Dri® pouches are used in both industrial and consumer applications to protect from moisture, mildew, rust and corrosion. End-use applications include industrial and aerospace parts and equipment, sensitive electronic products, and consumer applications such as boats, recreational vehicles, classic and antique cars, and firearm cabinets.

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With over 60 years of service and quality, Beach Filter Products, Inc offers a full line of point-of-use desiccant compressed air filters, hygroscopic reservoir/tank breather filters, the MoistureBloc™ moisture-free filter and Sta-Dri® desiccant moisture control products.

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