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The Miami-Dade County Water and Sewer Plant (Sewage Treatment)


Paul Marona, sales representative for The George Edwards Co., in North Miami, Florida, found a new application for Beach Filters at the Miami-Dade County Water and Sewer Interama (sewage treatment plant).  Six Beach model F-600 AW filters were installed recently at various locations within the plant.  He describes the application:

“There are six Joy Centrifugal compressors that produce 100 tons of gaseous oxygen per day.  The vents for these are on the sump vacuum and the discharge is piped through the F-600 AWs (Beach inline filters with aluminum housings and sight glass).

Prior to Beach installation a pipe was run into a 30 gallon drum that had a paper filter for a vent.  This proved to be inadequate — there were oil slicks on the concrete floor surrounding the area — causing a safety hazard.  In addition, there was also a loss of oil that could have been reused,” Maronna explained.

“Since Beach Filters have been in service the floor area is dry and there is no loss of oil.  They also placed several model F-T20Cs (20 scfm T-line Beach filters with the Polyclear II bowls) down stream from several I.R. desiccant towers to ensure final “polishing of instrument air,” Maronna said.

Check your area’s water and sewer treatment plant for a Beach filter application.

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