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Electro Impulse Lab, Inc. (Manufacturing)


Ecco Corp.’s Sales Engineer Bruce Crowley introduced us to Electro Impulse Lab, Inc., a manufacturer of custom and standard cooling equipment, used for such markets as military aerospace, media radiology (MRI and X-Ray equipment) and many other related industries. Based in Neptune, NJ, the company has been in business since 1949.

The company makes extensive use of Beach Filters in their cooling units. Many of Electro’s products utilize Coolanol, or polyphaolefin oils as a heat transfer medium. These oils are hygroscopic compounds and will absorb moisture, which is detrimental to equipment that is cooled.

Beach compressed air filters are generally used in the vacuum relief lines to the cooling unit reservoirs. Their main function is to remove moisture and particulate from the air bled into the reservoir through the relief valve. This air blankets the coolant in the reservoir and by removing the moisture; the cooling oils are thereby prevented from becoming saturated with water.

This is crucial, since coolants are used in units which are exposed to high voltage or radio frequency energy fields. These units are sensitive to changes in the dielectric strength of the cooling oils.

“We have been using Beach Filters for many years,” said Jim Burgess of Electro. “We find they are critical to the proper operation of our equipment,” he stated.

“Beach filters pay for themselves quickly by greatly reducing the frequency of replacement of desiccant and particulate filters in the cooling oil system,” Burgess said.

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