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Manufacturer Saves $120,000 Annually Using Beach Filters (Food Service) Newco Enterprises, a major manufacturer of industrial coffee makers, was having problems with excessive moisture in their compressed air lines.  Water and oil backed up into the valves of the Amada Turret press stamping operation.  The St. Charles, Missouri, manufacturer had tried several remedies with no success. What might be considered a minor problem, turned out to be very costly for Newco.  Maintenance Manager Mark Rouke researched the problem and found that the plant was losing 10 hours of production per week, at a cost of well over $10,000 per month or an estimated $120,000 per year. Rouke impressed upper management when he solved the crisis by installing Beach Filters.  He specified a Beach model Polyclear II F-T60C which immediately solved the moisture problem.  Two more F-T60Cs were purchased for the other two Amada Turret presses. The Model F-T20, F-T40 and F-T60 combination filters couple mechanical separation, coalescing and desiccant filtration to remove all oil/oil vapor, moisture and particulate down to 0.3 microns.  This three-in-one filtration is unique to Beach T-Line filters, as is: 1.  The coalescer segment, which can be cleaned and replaced. 2.  Coalescing element removes 80% of contamination, thus, reducing the cost of the replacement elements. 3.  Only Beach has the exclusive, patented action of the Polyclear II clearview bowl that is resistant to: - Synthetic oils - Hydrocarbons - Solvents, caustics and most chemicals - Ultraviolet light 4.  Patented Cylform desiccant element -- changes color. Newco management and Beach's distributor Paul Siebert, sales manager at Frank Flori Equipment Co., found an efficient way to lower costs and increase production by using Beach Filters. Beach Filters were selected because of: - Proven performance in process industries - Quality assurance - Ease of maintenance - Clear view for inspection - 50 years of experience in the filtration of compressed air and gases. Newco is currently evaluating other areas that will reduce costs and production downtime by utilizing Beach compressed air filters. Beach Filters are used in many industrial applications including pneumatic tools, instrumentation, packaging equipment, ink jet machines, injection molding, product spray painting and much more.  Beach offers a variety of filter sizes ranging from 5 to 1200 sfcm with pressures capable of 150-250 psi, depending on the model.