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Chuck Romeo is a sales engineer for Beach Filters' distributor, Werther Associates. One of his customers, a manufacturer of various cosmetic products, was having a problem with its dry powder processing and turned to Chuck for help. As he described the situation, moisture from the manufacturer's compressed air had contaminated a batch of product with water-borne organisms. Chuck knew he needed to find a solution quickly. After all, depending on the product being made and the size of the batch, contamination could cost the company a considerable amount of money and product loss. The manufacturing process involved the use of about 500 CFM of air to transport the powder and drive the air-operated mill. The moisture in the air line was not consistent and was usually a result of a system upset that was upstream of the process. Chuck recommended the use of a three-series filter system, due to the possibility that a slug of water was hitting the system on several occasions. First, the air is pre-filtered with a coarse coalescer. It is then passed through a Beach F-1200AW in-line filter to dry the air. Then, a biologically retentive filter removes any organisms prior to contact. The manufacturer has since reported that Chuck's solution of using the Beach filter was the right one. They have not experienced any problems with moisture reaching the product or of any product being ruined since the installation of the Beach unit. As a result, cosmetics are being produced in consistently high-quality fashion, while saving the company thousands of dollars in the process. The Beach F-1200AW dries the air at a cosmetic production plant.