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Beach helps Bakery Breathe Easier (Food Service)


breathers_bakery case study photo3

Twin storage tanks belonging to a large commercial bakery in Florida were being exposed to a log of airborne debris. The reason? A busy six-lane highway that was just 300 feel east of the tanks, combines with prevailing winds from the East!

One of the 10’X5’ steel storage bins holds liquid sugar. The other is used for liquid shortening. Since the tanks vents had large-screen, quarter-inch holes, it was easy for flying insects, dust, dirt and other airborne debris to enter.

Paul Maronna, a Beach Filters representative from the George S. Edwards Company had the solution. He suggested the installation of a carbon-steel Beach Breather on each tank. By stopping all contaminants at the point of entry, the breathers assure the bakery that no debris will reach the vent system. As a result, the bakery is able to prevent potential product loss and downtime.

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